Our Mission

Our Mission?

We believe that Donald Trump should not be President and Mike Pence should not be Vice-President. The Special Joint Session meets on January 6, 2017 – during the count of electoral votes, they can object to one or many votes. We need to let our representatives know that they should object to Trump/Pence votes. Russian interference impacted the popular vote and the electoral votes. Without their interference, Trump would not have won.

This effort is, like many others, a long shot. However, we need to raise our objection, in light of known Russia’s influence in our election process. Electing Trump and Pence would be like knowing you have a poisonous apple but eating it anyway.

Take action now. Keep the Trump administration out of the White House. We need a presidency without the corrupt foreign influences that tried to put Trump in office.

Unite and do your part. Send the We Object 2016 Letter to your senators and representative. Sign our Change.Org petition.  Be counted as part of WeObject2016.